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July 14, 2024

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What is BIM Management?

Learn to lead the Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry

BIM Management is not just about using advanced software; it’s about harnessing the full potential of Building Information Modeling in every phase of a construction project. This involves two pivotal aspects

Significance of BIM Management

Critical skill for becoming a leader in Digital Transformation in the construction industry.

Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

BIM goes beyond merely creating 3D models. It involves effectively developing and utilizing models throughout the design, construction, and handover phases, as well as managing the diverse requirements, goals, roles, responsibilities, and constraints of each stakeholder involved.
Value Addition

Value Addition

By mastering both the procedural and technical facets of BIM, professionals can drive projects to successful completion with higher accuracy and transparency, better communication and collaboration, thus delivering significant value through their ability to effectively use BIM technology.

Future-Proofing Careers

Future-Proofing Careers

In an era where the construction sector increasingly adopts integrated and digitalized practices, proficiency in BIM Management becomes essential. It empowers professionals to not only navigate but also spearhead digital transformation of the construction industry.

Key problems associated with the digital transformation of the construction industry:

BIM has been around for long, still not many organizations have been able to successfully trascend to this platform.

The course equips you with the required knowledge and skill sets to successfully implement BIM on any project and within any organization.

BIM Mandates

Learn to transform BIM mandates on any project from a perceived Expense to a voluntary and positive ROI for your company.

Quality BIM Models

Overcome issues with unusable BIM models by ensuring they meet project needs and requirements and are as per defined BIM Standards.

BIM Adoption

Get clear, practical steps for successful BIM integration in your organization, avoiding common and past pitfalls.

This program is for you, if you are:

working in a leadership role in a company

working in a leadership role in a company

Top Management Executives wanting to or planning to or entrusted with the responsibility of implementing BIM within the organization. You can be from any of these firms- design, contracting, project management, cost-consultants, or developer organization.

a working professional or <br>a faculty

a working professional or
a faculty

Working professionals with min. 5 years of professional experience is recommended after graduation or 2 yrs. of professional experience after post-graduation. Faculties who wish to upskill themselves and introduce BIM within their education curriculum.

a BIM Architect or <br> BIM Engineer

a BIM Architect or
BIM Engineer

BIM Architects and BIM Engineers engaged in BIM model development works and aspiring to advance to either a ‘BIM Coordinator’ role or a ‘BIM Manager’ role. A minimum of 2 years of BIM experience is highly recommended for this course.

Note: Prior BIM knowledge is not required to do this course.

About the Course

BIM Management Essentials’ is meticulously crafted to empower working professionals with the expertise to lead and implement BIM across diverse construction projects.

It has two key components- BIM Process Management and BIM Model Management.

Part 1: BIM Process Management

Part 2: BIM Model Management

Skills will be provided on the following software applications- Navisworks Manage, BIM Collab Zoom and Autodesk Construction Cloud (Docs, Design Collaboration and Model Coordination Module).
Access to the required software for practise will be provided the learners.

What will you attain from this program?

Upon completing the “BIM Management Essentials” course, participants will emerge with a transformative set of skills and insights, ready to lead the digital transformation of the construction industry with BIM technology. Here’s what you can expect:

What not to expect from this course?

Model Creation

Model Creation

This course focuses on the principles and standards for creating BIM models rather than hands-on modeling. You’ll learn how to set guidelines for BIM model development and acquire skills to audit model quality.

4D-5D BIM Tool Training

4D-5D BIM Tool Training

While specific training on 4D-5D BIM tools isn’t included, the course covers essential strategies and workflows to effectively use BIM for project management and cost estimation. You’ll also learn to extract quantities from BIM models.

Immediate Mastery

Immediate Mastery

Gaining expertise in BIM is a progressive journey. This course provides a solid foundation and guides you in the right direction, but achieving mastery requires continuous learning and practical application in real-world scenarios.

Why join BIM Management Course?

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Taught by industry seasoned BIM Professional (12+ Years of Exp.)

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Learn from Industry Veteran

Ar. Prateek Singhal

Ar. Prateek Singhal

Founder, Director, BIM House Global Pvt. Ltd
M.Tech., Construction Management (IIT Delhi)

Prateek’s journey with BIM began in 2010 when he enrolled at IIT Delhi to pursue his M.Tech degree. With over a decade of dedicated work in BIM, Prateek has accumulated more than 12 years of industry expertise. Throughout his career, he has successfully implemented BIM in over 50 different projects, contributing to a combined builtup area of 6 crore sqft.

With the vision of helping the AECO industry the benefits of BIM and make them BIM enabled, he established BIM House Global (a services company) and BHG Learn (an online learning platform). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a refund policy?
100% refund after the first class, if one chooses to discontinue.  No questions asked. 
How to contact for more information?
You may email at or fill out the contact form and we will reach out to you. 
Where I can get info about upcoming course dates?
If you are unable to join now, you may drop a message through the Contact Us section and we will inform you whenever the next batch starts. 
What is the course fee, payment options and the class schedule?

Click on this link to know about the same. 

What's the hardware and software requirement for this course?
Participants only need a laptop and an internet connection. Access to the required hardware and software will be provided by us.
What if I miss any session?
Recordings of all sessions will be made available to all participants for the entire course duration.
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